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Car export services

GWK Travelex provides automotive export services in cooperation with VWE.

Overview car export services

You can export your car, motorcycle or any automobile with GWK Travelex in cooperation with VWE.

Pop into your nearest GWK Travelex store and we will assist you will the following services:

  • Output statement
  • Export license
  • VWE export certificate
  • Green card
  • Car assistance
  • Notice type approval data

What to bring to register your vehicle for export:

  • License Part IA, Part IB and Transfer Certificate (For an Old Model License Certificate: Part I, Part II or Part IB and copy of Part III).
  • If the vehicle is in an operating state then the temporary stock document number and ascription code also needs to be shown.


  • License Card with Attendance Code
  • 2x GAIK License Plates (1 if you’re exporting a trailer, scooter or motorbike)
  • Valid ID (Passport or Identity Card).
  • Kilometer counter (up-to-date and not rounded)

If one of these parts is missing, export will not possible.

Opening hours for export services (if a branch is open later or earlier than the opening hours stated here then the opening hours of the establishment will apply):
- Monday to Friday 9.00 - 19.00
- Saturday 09.00 - 16.30

Please note: Export services are not possible at the following offices:

Schiphol Airport / Schiphol Airport / Rotterdam City / Eindhoven Airport / Rotterdam The Hague Airport / Rotterdam CS / The Hague CS / Amsterdam Damrak / Amsterdam Kalverstraat / Amsterdam Leidsestraat / Amsterdam Bijlmer / Rotterdam Schiedamseweg