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Pay bills in cash and deposit money into any bank account

Easily and quickly at every GWK Travelex location!

Do you prefer to pay your bills with cash? GWK Travelex‘s Mr. Pay cash payment service is available at all GWK Travelex branches and allows you to make cash payments into any bank account. It’s quick, easy and safe.


  • It’s fast: The payee will be informed immediately when a payment is made
  • It’s convenient: There are a large number of payment points with long opening hours where you can make your cash payments.
  • It gives you options: You can pay with cash or debit card and include a message to the payee.
  • It’s secure: GWK Travelex guarantees correct payment to the beneficiary.

How does it work?

Whether you’re paying into your bank account, accepting a bank transfer or paying a deposit into a Dutch bank account, it’s is easy and fast with GWK Travelex:

1. Take your bill, giro or payment reminder and your ID to a GWK Travelex branch near you;

2. One of our friendly clerks will enter the payment information;

3. Check the information on the receipt and sign the payment order;

4. Pay the invoice amount plus the fee;

5. The clerk will process the payment and provide you with a payment receipt;

6. GWK Travelex guarantees the payment and transfers the money to the beneficiary. Normally, the money will be credited to the beneficiary's account within a maximum of 5 business days.

GWK Travelex has already made arrangements with a number of companies regarding payment services.

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The payment fee amounts to 3% of the transaction amount with a minimum of €9.50.

Would you like to immediately inform the recipient that you have sent them money? GWK Travelex also offers this service and will send the recipient a fax or email to let them know you have made the payment. The cost of this service is €4.50.

Transfer to a SNS account

For all customers of SNS Bank N.V. there is the possibility to deposit cash payments for free. View the SNS Bank N.V. website for more details.

* For an overview of our partners, see the list of affiliated companies.
** GWK Travelex has agreements with different partners and/or banks, which may differ or may not be the same as standard costs.

Check the status of a payment

Check the status of a payment

You can view payment details online (temporary in Dutch only).


Depositing money into an SNS account

Depositing money into an SNS account

For private clients of SNS Bank NV it is possible to deposit cash into your own account for free.

Deposit money into a Van Lanschot bank account

Deposit money into a Van Lanschot bank account

For customers of F. Van Lanschot Bank NV it is possible to deposit cash into an account.