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GWK Travelex

The specialists in foreign currency exchange and money transfers

Worldwide travellers rely on Travelex

37 million customers a year

37 million customers a year

2000 transactions per hour

2000 transactions per hour

1500 offices in 28 countries

1500 offices in 28 countries

1250 ATMs worldwide

1250 ATMs worldwide

GWK Travelex money exchange

GWK Travelex specializes in wholesale and retail foreign money and business payments. The company’s exchange bureaus are located at major train stations and airports throughout the Netherlands, including Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam Airport and Eindhoven Airport.

GWK Travelex offers the following services:

  • Purchase, exchange and sale of foreign currency
  • Cash payments and deposits into Dutch bank accounts with Mr. Pay
  • German environmental badges

There are currently 50 GWK Travelex branches in the Netherlands.

GWK Travelex has been part of Travelex since 2004 and is the largest currency exchange company in the world. Travelex Worldwide has more than 1400 offices.

History of GWK in the Netherlands

GWK has a rich and fascinating history and has been the Netherlands’ leading foreign currency specialist for almost 90 years. The first currency exchange office was opened on 1 July, 1927 in the Zevenaar train station by Mr H.W.Th Edwards under the name of Geldwisselkantoor/GWK. Zevenaar was chosen because of its border with Germany.

Grens Wissel Kantoor

All operations were discontinued during World War II. GWK has been owned by Dutch Railways, MeesPierson and Fortis, before being taken over by Travelex in 2004, when its name was changed to GWK Travelex.

About Travelex currency exchange

Travelex is the world’s leading voice on foreign currency and helps more than 37 million customers annually. We have 1400 branches and 1,250 ATMs in 26 different countries, mainly located at major airports, train stations and tourist sites.

More than 40% of the world's travelers - 1.7 billion passengers a year - pass through airports where Travelex operates, including major gateways at Amsterdam, Beijing, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

The company also sources and distributes foreign currency for central banks and international financial institutions.

Travelex continues to grow its global network by expanding into new markets, both organically and through acquisitions, as well as investing in new stores, ATMs and its own online platform.

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