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Email Us

You can mail your question or suggestion to a branch near by. Please check the branch overview page for the e-mail address of a branch in your area.

Call Us

Call Us

For questions, suggestions or to order foreign currency via phone, please contact a branch in your area. Check the branch overview page for a store near by and the actual opening hours.

How to order foreign currency?

You can easily order foreign currency online. Choose your currency. Select the desired pick-up time and pick up your order securely at a branch of your choice.

Head Office Contact Details

It is possible to contact us directly at the GWK Travelex head office, but please note that you will not be able to exchange money via this method.

Travelex N.V.
P.O. Box 721, 1000 AS AMSTERDAM
Phone: 020 - 569 06 90

Chamber of Commerce number: 33143504
VAT identification number: NL001546223B01


We do our utmost to provide the best customer service possible for all our customers.

If you are dissatisfied and would like to speak with us, you can contact us in writing or by email.

Email Address

Postal Address

Travelex NV
T.av Customer (complaints)
P.O. Box 721


5 most frequently asked questions

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  • What discount will I get if I order foreign money online?

    Order online your foreign currency at GWK Travelex and we do not charge a commission per transaction. This will save you at least € 3.99 per order. If you order online, you benefit as well from a better GWK Travelex exchange rate.

    The exchange rate is calculated on the date that you order your currency. However, should it turn out that the online rate is more favorable on the date that you collect your money, we will happily offer you this rate instead.


  • Where is my nearest GWK Travelex store?

    You can use the branch locator on our website to find addresses, phone numbers and opening hours of our stores and service points throughout the Netherlands. Click here for more info.

  • What are the opening hours for GWK Travelex stores?

    The hours vary from store to store. Our store at Schiphol Airport, for example, opens at different times to our city center stores. Click here for more info.

  • What are the opening hours of the airport stores?

    You can find GWK Travelex branches at Schiphol Plaza or behind customs.

    Check the opening hours of GWK Travelex Schiphol Plaza(before customs).

    Check the opening hours of GWK Travelex Airside(behind customs).

  • What is the general contact telephone number for GWK Travelex?

    Every GWK Travelex branch has its own telephone number. Visit our branches overview page for the telephone number of a GWK Travelex branch in your area.