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Currency exchange at Schiphol Airport

Need to exchange money before jetting off on your holiday? At Schiphol Airport you’ll find several GWK Travelex currency exchange desks where you can exchange your euros for foreign currency You can also collect currency that you have ordered through our website. Our money exchange stores are located in front of and behind customs, making it quick and easy to exchange money before or after your holiday.

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Foreign currency exchange at Schiphol Airport

GWK Travelex’s Schiphol Airport branches stock a wide range of foreign currencies and offer highly competitive exchange rates. If the currency of your destination is not in stock, don’t worry as we can still help. Our Cash Passport is a fantastic alternative to cash and if you have foreign money left over when you get back home we can exchange it back to euros for you!

Fast track money exchange at Schiphol Airport

Do you need last-minute foreign currency to take with you on your trip? No problem! Make the most of our emergency currency exchange service and we’ll have your foreign currency ready for you to collect at Schiphol Airport within half an hour. It’s always a good idea to have local currency when travelling abroad so come and speak to us and we’ll make sure you’re all set.

Take advantage of our emergency currency exchange service and collect your currency at the airport before departure.

Foreign currency converter tool

Before exchanging foreign currency at one of our stores or via our website it’s useful to first have a look at exactly how much currency you’ll get in exchange for your euros. The GWK Travelex currency converter is a handy tool that lets you quickly see exactly how much foreign currency you will get at the latest exchange rates. Combined with available historical price charts, you can get a pretty good idea as to whether or not it’s a good time to exchange your money for your desired foreign currency.

Use our currency converter tool now.

Travelex GWK stores at Schiphol Airport

Heading to the Netherlands and need euros?

If you’re reading this from outside Europe and are heading to the Netherlands on your next trip, you’ll need some euros to spend. But if you arrive in the Netherlands without any, don’t worry! We have stores across the country, as well as at airports where you’ll be able to exchange your foreign currency into euros with ease. Check out our store locator to find the most convenient GWK Travelex store for your trip.