Buy Currency

Up to 50 euro on us this summer!

From June 10th till September 1st 2024, you can benefit significantly from discounts on the purchase of foreign currency. Both in stores and online, you will receive up to €50 on us on foreign currency. This offer applies to all currencies, so regardless of your travel destination, we help you get started.

How does the promotion work?
It's very simple: the more foreign currency you order, the greater your discount. Use the correct discount code at the end of your order for the amount you need!


On usUse discount code
€900 till €1499






Why order travel money in advance?

Certainty: ATMs abroad may experience malfunctions or be empty.
Security: At Travelex, you can trust that you won't be skimmed or exposed to other forms of fraud.
Immediate enjoyment: Upon arrival, you'll be ready for your vacation right away and won't have to worry about financial matters!

During this promotion, our terms and conditions apply. The promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions and not applicable for withdrawals from ATMs.