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Our currency exchange and buy back services

Just back from holiday with a wallet full of foreign currency? Come along to a GWK Travelex branch and we will exchange your foreign currency back to euros.

It's always difficult to estimate how much foreign currency you might need during your trip abroad. There’s no need to worry about exchanging too much, because at GWK Travelex, we make exchanging back your leftover currency easy!

Exchanging foreign currency to euros

We can buy back and exchange almost all currencies. We accept foreign bank notes but unfortunately do not accept coins (with the exception of British pound coins). There is no minimum amount for buying back currency and you can exchange any amount for euros. If you would like to know if the currency you have left over can be purchased by us, please contact our customer service or visit a GWK Travelex branch of your choice.


We maintain a commission rate of 0.75% of the total money exchanged, with a minimum of € 3.95 and a maximum of € 7.50 fee, unless indicated otherwise at our stores. Fees for exchanging foreign currency for euros are the same as purchasing foreign currency directly at one of our branches.

Our buy back guarantee

Want to make sure you can exchange your leftover foreign currency back for the same amount you bought it for? Take out our buy back guarantee when you purchase your foreign currency at GWK Travelex and secure the value of your currency - just ask us about it!

Exchanging foreign currency to euros

GWK Travelex currency exchange offices near you

You can exchange foreign money for euros at all GWK Travelex offices in the Netherlands, and also on your arrival at Schiphol Airport. You’ll find our exchange offices in major railway stations and city centres throughout the Netherlands.

Do you need to exchange your foreign currency for euros? Use our location finder to easily find your nearest GWK Travelex branch and exchange your foreign currency with the world’s leading experts.

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GWK Travelex currency exchange offices near you