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Ordering foreign currency online

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  • Will I be charged the exchange rate shown on the website when I order foreign currency online?

    You will be charged the relevant online rate for the order date, unless the rate in the branch at the time of collection is more favourable for you. In that case, you will be charged the more favourable rate.

  • What is the delivery time for foreign currency orders placed online?

    You can collect US dollars and British pounds sterling within 30 minutes of placing your order. For other currencies, a delivery time of two to four days applies. This varies per foreign exchange bureau. If you need foreign currency straight away, you may want to consider using our express foreign currency service at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You can then collect your order shortly prior to departure from our branch at Schiphol Plaza. This service can be used for all currencies.

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount of foreign currency I can order online?

    The minimum amount of foreign currency that you can order through our online service is € 50.00 and the maximum amount is € 50,000.00. This is inclusive of transaction charges. You can place an order for higher or lower amounts directly at one of our branches.

  • How much commission will I be charged when I order foreign currency online?

    The commission that we charge in our branches for exchanging foreign currency is depending on the needed amount. Order online and benefit from our zero-commission offer for online orders. Order online.

  • I can't find an option to specify denominations when I place my foreign currency order online. Is there a way to do this?

    Unfortunately, our website does not give you the option to specify the denominations or quality of your order. If this is important to you, we recommend that you contact your preferred branch for collection by telephone immediately after placing your order. Please click here for telephone numbers and locations.

  • How can I pay for my foreign currency order?

    You cannot pay for your foreign currency order online. You only pay on collection of your order from your preferred branch. You can pay by PIN or in cash. Please bring your order number and a valid proof of ID. If you have placed an order for an amount exceeding €2,500, we recommend that you check your debit card's daily limit. You may need to contact your bank to increase your daily limit for one day.

  • Can I exchange a currency that is not covered by your online ordering service?

    Certain currencies may not always be available for immediate exchange or collection. These currencies therefore cannot be ordered online.

    Please contact your preferred GWK Travelex branch to check if the currency you require is available or to place an order (for locations and telephone numbers, please click here).

  • I haven't received a confirmation of my order. What do I do now?

    Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes all the details of your order. If you did not receive a confirmation of your order, please call our customer service.

  • Can I increase the ordered amount when collecting my order from a branch?

    You certainly can. GWK Travelex will be pleased to offer its most favourable exchange rate for the additionally ordered amount as well.

  • Will I be charged extra commission if I exchange multiple foreign currencies?

    No, we charge provision for currency exchanges on a per-transaction basis, so you will only be charged once, even if you exchange multiple currencies. Order online and benefit from our zero-commission offer. Order currency online.

  • How can I view the status of my order?

    You will be kept informed of the status of your order by email.

  • I seem to be unable to order foreign currency online. What can I do?

    We apologise for the inconvenience. This may be due to an issue with your browser or operating system. The cause of such issues is not always readily apparent. Please be assured that we forward all reported issues to our IT department for immediate investigation. When reporting an issue, please indicate your operating system (e.g. Windows 8) and browser (Outlook or another browser) and we will pass this information on.

    Meanwhile, our customer service department will be happy to process your order. Please contact us.

  • I'm using a currency converter on another site and the rate they offer is much more favourable. How is this possible?

    You are being shown a conversion rate. Each financial institution in the Netherlands sets its own buy and sell rates for bank notes. The conversion rate shown on websites such as or is the rate that banks and currency traders charge each other for the exchange of currency. This rate, which is also known as the middle rate, is then used by banks and financial institutions to calculate buy and sell rates for bank notes. These are the rates quoted on our website. No financial institution uses the conversion rate to buy or sell bank notes from or to private parties.

  • What do I need to bring with me when I collect my online order from a branch?

    Please bring your order number and a valid proof of ID (passport, European identity card, Dutch driving licence, Dutch residence permit) when you collect your order.

Foreign currency in general

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  • How much commission will I be charged?

    The commission we charge for currency exchanges is 0.75% of the total amount, with a minimum of €3.95 and a maximum of €7.50 (unless indicated otherwise in-branch). If you order your foreign currency online, you will be charged zero commission and benefit from GWK Travelex's most favourable exchange rate. Order online now

  • Can I exchange spare foreign currency for euros at a GWK Travelex branch?

    Yes, you can exchange foreign currency (bank notes only) for euros. You can only exchange currencies that are traded by GWK Travelex.

  • Where can I find up-to-date foreign currency exchange rates?

    When you place an order, you will be shown the latest exchange rate. In addition, you can find a list with the latest exchange rates on a separate part of our website. The rates displayed on the website may deviate from the rates charged in GWK Travelex branches.

  • Will I be charged extra commission if I exchange multiple foreign currencies?

    No, we charge provision for currency exchanges on a per-transaction basis, so you will only be charged once, even if you exchange multiple currencies.

  • Can I cash a foreign cheque with GWK Travelex?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to cash foreign cheques with GWK Travelex. At the moment, we only accept Travellers' Cheques. Please contact your own bank to cash foreign and personal cheques.

  • Can GWK Travelex exchange Dutch guilders for me (bank notes and coins)?

    Unfortunately, GWK Travelex no longer exchanges Dutch guilders. You can still exchange guilders at the Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB). DNB only accepts bank notes. The deadline to exchange coins has already passed.

  • Do you exchange (foreign) coins?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to exchange (foreign) coins.

  • I still have some old Travellers' Cheques. Can I cash these with GWK Travelex?

    It is not possible to exchange Traveller Cheques at GWK Travelex for cash.

  • Can I exchange euros for euros at a GWK Travelex branch?

    You can exchange euros for euros with GWK Travelex, subject to a charge. Depending on the amount you want to exchange, we may need to order denominations for you. Please contact your preferred branch in advance to arrange this. For locations and telephone numbers, please click here.

    The counter assistant may ask you for a valid proof of ID, the origin and destination of the money and documentary evidence of the money's origin and destination.

Paying bills in cash or paying into an account

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  • Since when did GWK Travelex stopped with offering cash deposit into a Dutch SNS Bank or ASN Bank?

    You can no longer deposit cash at GWK Travelex. As a private account holder of SNS Bank or ASN Bank, you could previously easily and securely deposit your cash into your SNS Bank or ASN bank account. As of November 1, 2023, we have discontinued this service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Statutory client investigation

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  • What does a statutory client inquiry mean?

    Travelex is required by law to conduct business with integrity and to conduct client investigations. Based on the results from the client investigation, Travelex may decide not to enter into an agreement or to terminate an agreement with an existing client. Such refusal may be the result of a previous report of unusual transactions or we may consider for some other reason that entering into or continuing a relationship with a (potential) client goes against our policy of conducting our business with integrity. We are usually unable to disclose this, as doing so could potentially disclose (directly or indirectly) to you that a report of an unusual transaction has been made (by us or others). The law prohibits disclosing that information about (the report of) an unusual transaction. Failure to provide this information constitutes one of the exceptions to the right of inspection that you can exercise.

Other questions

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  • Can I book excursions in the Netherlands with GWK Travelex?

    Yes, you can book excursions through GWK Travelex's branches in Amsterdam. The counter assistants at these branches are able to provide you with all the information you need. Popular Dutch destinations are Volendam and Marken, the cheese market in Alkmaar, the Keukenhof flower gardens, The Hague and Madurodam. Naturally, you can also book tours of Amsterdam.

  • Does GWK Travelex sell concert tickets?

    As of 22 September 2009, GWK Travelex branches no longer serve as retail outlets for Ticket Service Netherlands (TSN).

  • Can I buy road tax stickers (vignettes) for Austria/Switzerland at your branches?

    No, GWK Travelex does not sell vignettes.

  • Your ATM did not issue any cash. What do I do now?

    We are sorry to hear about the malfunction of one of our ATMs. Such occurrences are covered by an agreement between all Dutch banks. The procedure in such cases is as follows:

    • Contact your own bank to let them know that a GWK Travelex ATM did not issue any cash, stating where and when you tried to withdraw money. You can find more details about this transaction on your transaction overview.
      • Your own bank will forward your complaint to us and ask us to refund the amount that was not issued to you.
      • Your own bank will pay the money into your bank account.
  • Does GWK Travelex offer a travel vaccination service?

    Unfortunately, we do not. Several Dutch companies specialise in this type of service, including and Traveldoctor.