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Currency exchange rates

Browse through current and historical rates of all major currencies and buy your foreign currency online.

Current exchange rates

The exchange rates above apply when you order foreign currency online. If you want to order foreign money online, it’s important to know the current exchange rate so that you know how much you will receive for your euros.

View the overview below to see current exchange rates of our 49 most popular currencies. You can also use the convenient historical price chart to see whether or not now is a good time to buy the foreign currency of your choice.

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Current exchange rates

Currency exchange rate overview

The currency conversion rate table shows the current exchange rates, but you can also look back on the history of a specific currency. The table can easily convert currencies based on the latest updated rates. The currency calculator also enables you to quickly see how much foreign currency you should buy for the amount you want to change in euros.

Note: The above currency conversion rate table provides an overview of the exchange rates for foreign currency specifically ordered online.

In the exchange rate table you can find both the exchange of euros to your desired foreign currency, as well as the exchange rate if you would like a Cash Passport. This exchange rate may differ at various GWK Travelex stores. The table is not intended for transactions involving foreign currencies converted into euros.

If you aren’t sure about any of the terms, please consult our handy guide below to see what you should pay attention to when converting foreign currencies.

If you can’t find your desired currency on the list, please contact a GWK Travelex branch in your area. For uncommon currencies where there is less demand, the ordering process may take a little longer.

Understanding foreign exchange rates

As the largest supplier of foreign money in the world, we understand that currency exchange can be quite confusing. Exchanging money is complicated at the best of times, but if you need to travel urgently or are already abroad, it can be especially difficult to arrange your foreign currency exchange. This is certainly the case if you need to deal with unknown terms and phrases.

We feel responsible for making the process of obtaining foreign money convenient and easy for all of our customers. To help you get to grips with the essentials we have created this useful manual.

Currency exchange rate guide

In this guide we explain everything you need to know and look for when dealing with foreign currency exchange rates.

Selling rates – this is the price that we sell foreign currency in the local currency. For example, if you were going to Canada, the selling rate would be the rate that we would sell you Canadian dollars.

Purchase rate – this is the rate that we buy back travellers’ foreign currency and exchange it to the local currency. For example, if you returned from America with American dollars, we would exchange your dollars against the purchase price in euros.

Holiday rate or tourists rate – another term for a sales rate.

Spot price – more formally known as the ‘interbank rate’, this is the exchange rate that banks charge each other or major financial institutions when they trade large amounts of foreign currency. In business it is sometimes called the 'spot rate' or ‘FX spot’. It is not a tourist rate and you cannot buy currency at this rate, as most travellers only need to purchase relatively small amounts of foreign currency. In everyday life this corresponds to the difference between wholesale and retail prices. The rates published in financial newspapers and in the media are usually interbank rates.

Spread – this is the difference between buying and selling rates provided by currency exchange companies like GWK Travelex.

Cross rate – this is the exchange rate we give customers who want to exchange foreign currencies from outside of the local currency market. For example, if you wanted to exchange Australian dollars to American and/or Canadian dollars.

Commission – this is a common fee that exchange offices charge for the conversion of one currency to another. GWK Travelex offers you 0% commission on foreign currency when you order online.

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