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How to use the currency converter?

The currency converter helps you euros to be converted into pounds or one of the other 50 currency based on current exchange rates. It's an easy and quick way to make money to count without using a table.

Simply choose the amount of money you want to swap, and select the currency you want to buy in the menu for the currency converter. All you need to do. The currency converter displays the result immediately.

The converter uses the latest exchange rates, which are displayed clearly the date and time of the last update.

Please note that the rates shown online only and shall not apply in the store.

If you know what your travel budget, currency converter can also help you determine how much money you need at the place of destination and must change.

Why use the currency converter?

The Travelex Currency Converter helps you to predetermine your travel budget and ensures that you get the best deal for your budget.

With the built historical price data to compare the current exchange rate with the price up to 12 months back, so you know if it's a good time to buy.

For example on vacation wants to Croatia, you can use this handy converter. Enter euros and select Croatia and we show directly how your euro is doing based on the most current rates.

Going even further away? No problem. With Travelex you can choose from more than 50 currencies to make sure you're well prepared for your next trip abroad.

From the currency converter, you can immediately order your money and have it delivered or pick up at home in one of our stores in the Netherlands.

How do exchange?

The exchange rate is the value of money from one currency, such as your own currency, denominated in a different currency.

Exchange rates are difficult to predict because they are based on the changing value of two different currencies. The value of a currency may be affected by various factors, including political and economic events and they change constantly because it acts in the financial markets.

You can monitor the exchange rate and monitor the development by comparing current rates with previous rates. This will help you to decide when is the right time to exchange the money for your next vacation or trip.

We therefore historical rates of up to one year in the Travelex Currency Converter to make it easier for you this process.

Travelex also provides Currency Tracker, including free e-mail service that lets you keep an eye on the exchange rate. We will notify you once the exchange rate reaches your chosen level.

What does this mean for your travel? The more money you get for your euro, the more you spend. The advance guard of the currency and exchange rates for your destination means that it is more likely that you will get the best offer for your money.

Frequently asked Questions

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  • Why change rates?

    The currency change up and down relative to each other, because in traded financial markets. Changes in the market may be caused by supply and demand, but also by political and economic events.

  • What is the best time to change money?

    The best time to exchange your money depends on the exchange rate. To get the best offer, you should keep an eye on the exchange rate. The Travelex Currency Tracker does it for you and we even send you a free e-mail, so you can exchange your travel budget as economically as possible.

  • How can I change my money?

    With Travelex, you can exchange your euros in more than 50 currencies, either online or at one of our 1,500 stores in 26 countries.

  • When I use a conversion table?

    Conversion tables can be useful to help you get used to a foreign currency abroad. If you travel with a smartphone, you can use the Travelex Currency Converter. We put the exact amount of foreign currency into euros, so you know exactly how much you spend.

  • What are historical rates?

    The tariff history shows the evolution of the exchange rate over a period of 12 months, so you can compare the previous rates with the current exchange rate, and you see if it is a good time to buy.